On Being Grateful for Accessing Stillness: Musings on Gratitude & Guided Meditation with Meditation Coach Shilpa (Episode # 13)

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On Being Grateful for Accessing Stillness

Have you noticed that when you are present in the now with a feeling of gratitude, you tap into this peaceful feeling of stillness?

Our lives are full of things to be grateful for. This month’s podcast series has been on Holistic Wellness. This theme has allowed me to reflect on the concept of how or what makes me feel whole.

And on this Thanksgiving Day, I started my day acknowledging the simple and even silly things that I am immensely grateful for that make my body-mind-and soul feel whole and alive. For example, upon waking up today I felt grateful for my ability to wiggle my toes, stretch my limbs, and connect to my breath.

Each morning I have a ‘sadhana’ – a Sanskrit word for “spiritual routine”…my routine is grounded in a variety of mindfulness practices that includes a long meditation. I am grateful for these practices as it gives me the ability to feel whole.

I am so grateful for this routine as it allows me to start my day with intention and allows me to get centered, and most importantly feel stillness.

How often do we forget the immense value in feeling still?

I’ll be honest, it's taken me years to learn to slow down, and truly access stillness….

Meditation is such a gift, as it brings awareness to my consciousness that each of us has the ability to access stillness…

In honor of Holistic Wellness and Thanksgiving, I am sharing a short guided meditation intended to help you bring awareness to the feeling of gratitude, and help you access stillness in the present moment.

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