Spa4theSoul: Adventures of a Globe-Trotting International Life Coach, A Conversation with Psychologist Dr. Daphne Erhart (Episode #99)

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Welcome back, dear listeners, to another enlightening episode of our podcast. As we dive deeper into the month of May, which marks National Mental Awareness Month, we continue our exploration of the fascinating realm of mindfulness. This month's theme, “Mindfulness: Courage & Resiliency,” focuses on the essential skills required for nurturing our mental well-being.About Dr. Daphne Erhart

Today, I am thrilled to introduce our last guest for May, a remarkable individual whose life embodies the very essence of courage, resiliency, and a profound commitment to mindfulness. Dr. Daphne Erhart is an international life coach & psychologist with over 25 years of experience, a master NLP practitioner, bestselling author, and speaker. She is also an avid world traveler and self-care expert.Having explored 51 countries and 49 states, Dr. Daphne is on a remarkable solo journey around the world, living her dreams and nurturing her soul's desires.Dr. Daphne has taken her passion for nurturing the mind, body, and soul and transformed it into a beautiful endeavor called spa4thesoul.com. Through her “Soul Spa,” she creates experiences that nourish and transform your inner self, helping you live the life of your dreams. Her expertise extends to areas such as self-care, cultivating healthy relationships, meditation, travel, parenting teenagers struggling with video games, and even offering dating app profile advice.With a deep belief in the power of personal transformation, Dr. Daphne has dedicated her life to helping others create deeply satisfying and healthy lifestyles. She is inspired by witnessing the profound happiness, health, and fulfillment that arise when individuals take care of themselves and make positive changes. Moreover, she is driven by a desire to alleviate preventable suffering caused by unresolved problems and diseases.Dr. Daphne's passions for world travel, turning daydreams into reality, and helping others enjoy full and healthy lives are truly close to her heart. Her mission is to guide you in transforming your inner emotional patterns, naturally leading you to a healthy lifestyle, satisfying relationships, a sense of contribution to the world, and long-term health.Listeners, get ready to embark on a transformative journey as we delve into Dr. Daphne's wealth of knowledge and experiences. Discover how she combines her expertise as a psychologist, master NLP practitioner, and world traveler to empower individuals to change their hearts, change their minds, and change their lives.Please give a warm welcome to our guest, the extraordinary Dr. Daphne Erhart, a

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