10-Minutes Heart-Centered Summer Solstice Guided Meditation, Led by Meditation Coach Shilpa Lewis (Episode #104)

Guided Meditation: Heart-Centered Summer Solstice Guided Meditation

Step into the radiant embrace of summer with my 10-minute Heart-Centered Awareness guided meditation, featured on the latest episode of my podcast, #OmniMindfulnessPodcast. Join me as we embark on a journey of going inward, cultivating a profound sense of heart-centered awareness. Together, we honor the vibrant energy of the summer solstice, connecting deeply with the essence of our hearts. Immerse yourself in soothing tranquility as we bask in the warmth of the season, nurturing inner harmony and joy. Let this transformative meditation guide you to explore the depths of your being and awaken your true essence. Tune in to #OmniMindfulnessPodcast for Release #104 and embrace the sacred power of Heart-Centered Awareness. #GuidedMeditation #SummerSolstice

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