The Positive Mindful Movement of SPI Media Community, Shaped by SPI’s Director of Community Experience, Jillian Benbow (Episode #30)

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Jillian early on recognized the nagging feeling in her heart when she realized she wanted to serve humanity in a bigger way by using skills to build and support communities. She became a mom at a young age, which influenced many of her life choices, particularly around work-life balance. Through deep soul searching, she became aware of what gave her life purpose. Personally and professionally she intentionally paused to learn the stories of others, and she realized those stories connect us. She also mindfully learned to pause and notice precious moments that connected her to nature. It’s no surprise that her professional life is about helping the community of like-minded people make meaningful connections.

With over a decade of experience as a digital community expert, she helps business owners craft a community experience that is safe, valuable, and fun. She is currently the Senior Community Experience Manager at SPI Media, and hosts the host of the Podcast ‘ Community Experience’.

Jilian’s mantra is ‘Dare to Live the Life you Have Dreamed for Yourself’.



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