Discover your Path to Purposeful Joy, A Conversation with Dr. Jo Ann Pallay (Episode #75)

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Dr. Jo Ann Pallay holds a doctorate in clinical psychology and has led groups for more than

twenty years. She is nationally certified in group system development and is a life

member of several organizations that focus on training of group leaders and research on

group dynamics. Her company, Ace Alliances in Strategic Living uses a coaching format

when consulting with owners of businesses, company management, and members of

other group systems to enhance top performance in the workplace, at home, and in

community organizations.

Dr. Jo Ann Pallay specializes in helping people identify group roles and explore the wealth of skills

and talents that individuals contribute to every group they belong to. The result:

collaboration between people rather than a “political” focus; increased goal-setting

ability; improved productivity; and joy in the success of even the smallest of details.

Dr. Pallay's contact: [email protected]

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