Mantras for Mindfulness

Mantra comes from Sanskrit – ‘man’ meaning mind, and ‘tra’ meaning instrument. A tool to shift the state of consciousness of the mind. This can be felt in uttering the mantra, Om.

You may find that a mantra help ground you, remind you of your intention for that moment, or guide you to reconnect with your breath.

Ever since Omni was just a few days old I have chanted Om with him. He tuned into the sound with me well before he could even articulate words. I recall his soft gentle face, touching my chest, as we’d hum to this soothing sound together in unison. This rhythm matched the beat of our hearts, and felt very nurturing, soothing, and calming for our breaths.

Mantras can also come in the form of a phrase to set your intention. In 2017 I befriended author Julie Dargis. She gifted me with her book White Moon in Powder Blue Sky accompanied with a Oracle deck of cards that hold messages or mantras. With the start of 2018, I found myself drawing a card from this deck once every few days. The first card of 2018 was “Prioritize your Current Life Lessons.”

Calming the breath through Om, or any specific type of mantra has a positive neurological affect. Breath therefore serves as a function not just for oxygen, but for your emotional state of well being. A study published in the Journal of Neuroscience, “Rhythm of Breathing Affects Memory and Fear” highlights the influence of deep breathing on your emotional health (regulating the interactions with the autonomic nervous systems – including the sympathetic nervous system and parasympathetic nervous system; and most specifically the limbic system’s impact on responding to sensory input from the environment to the hypothalamus).

There are bursts of moments when both kids and adults need to calm the breath. Just today Omni found himself have an emotional meltdown, of sorts. He was making a Happy Birthday card fora¬† friend. Unfortunately, the felt tip pen that he used to traced a drawing left blurred colors on the drawings. Being the meticulous boy that he is, he found the lack of crisp lines quite frustrating, resulting in rapid breathing and tears. Eventually, we teamed up on our inhaling with deep breaths, we chanted Om, and eventually we included a mantra on the card ‘I am Peace” (which he thought made the card complete).

Strategies such as mantras are therefore useful for kids as well as adults, as they have a holistic effect in terms of calming the mind and breath. What is your mindfulness mantra?

Mantra: I am Peace




Omni Mindfulness’s First Steps

You come from love. You live from love. You are loved.

This first blog, on Omni Mindfulness, is in tribute to my beloved mom. She named my son Omni, with the intent that each time she uttered his name she melodically vibrated “OM”. OM, the primordial sound of peace resonating through the universe. OM, the sound of unconditional love. So come along for the journey with my son Omni, and me. We will explore kids yoga, with Omni’s Warrior pose, and my deep breathing in Vinyasa.

We live in a society that teaches us so little on the art of enduring. We learn to react. But where are the life tools to foster the limitless light that is your soul?

Do you learn to endure through enlightened spiritual paths, through discipline of the flexing of the muscles of the physical body, or stimulation the cognitive mind?

There are different perspectives to define the term “endure”, to suffer (something painful or difficult) patiently, or to remain in existence.

This latter perspective resonates with the fire in my heart. It’s the idea that we have within us, the innate courage to overcome trials. The mind, body, and spirt may suffer, but the light within each of us is pure unaltered, ever-present, everlasting energy. That light which has the courageous capacity to shine even brighter after brutal pain.

So by virtue, to remain in existence perhaps means we are omnipresent energy.

That limitless light is omnipresent.

In my practice of life, and yes I’m still practicing, I am proactively striving at cultivating skills to not just “remain in existence”, but to increase my awareness of the light that I AM.

We live in a myriad mysterious life experiences. Hindus call it “maya” (a duality) which may actually require the skillful art of mindfulness. By practicing mindfulness or conscious living we are utilizing the tools to become more in-tuned with the OMNIPRESENT YOU.

My desire for Omni Mindfulness is to create & foster a space to share my experiences of my practices to evolve bravely. These experiences are reflections of the evolution of “all my layers” of the body, mind & spirt or esoteric. As I flex my muscles through rigor of exercise or Vinyasa Yoga, or through mindfulness or silent meditation, I grown my awareness.

Armed with the ammunition of awareness, I’ll share anecdotes from the lens of my son, Omni, as well as my humble and often humorous mindful or conscious moments through the lens of my life.

My mindful approach, as you may observe is an earnest proactive practice. A daily, moment my moment, proactive practice to navigate the journey of life. I’ll share my observations, as I apply mindful means to evolve with courage.

I love you mom. Your love is omnipresent.

You come from love. You live from love. You are loved.