MMM Transition Toolkit Workshop


On-line 2 Day Immersive Transition Workshop that offers NSM & signature MMM Transition Toolkit tools to help you successfully manifest your intentions.



In this immersive online 2-day mind-body-spirit workshop you are given an opportunity to apply the NSM (Neurodynamic Self-Management) technique – which has been scientifically proven to create dramatic & lasting positive life changes, through the guidance of NSM Expert Coach Kirsten Johnson. Day 1 includes the utilization of this powerful technique that will help you set your intentions, identify your subconscious desires, and bring clarity to your true mission statements. Day 2 includes the use of the signature MMM Transition Tool Kit, which will help you turn your mission statements into creating your 2022 vision journey map with actionable steps. Throughout the 2 days, the coaches will also offer Guided Meditations, and short breath-work, and body-movement techniques. This package includes a follow group coaching session with the Mindful Mompreneur Coaches who will offer insights in helping you manifest your vision, by helping you overcome procrastination and cultivating a morning meditation routine to help you transition into 2022.