Experience Stillness

Just 5 minutes of meditation can essentially calm your heart, ease your breaths, and soften your mind.

Rachèle DeMéo, M.A, M.Ed.
Rachèle DeMéo, M.A, M.Ed.Founder & Instructor of BelleTerreAcademy

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Julie R. Dargis, PhD
Julie R. Dargis, PhDGlobal Humanitarian & COVID-19 Response Consultant

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Sam Erika
Sam ErikaCustomer Relations Entrepreneur

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Discovery Session

Getting started is the hardest part. Let’s connect for brief yet deep discovery session to identify how you want to serve your highest purpose in this life. Through my coaching tools I provide a safe space to heal and grow.

Power Flow

In this package I'll be offering 3 hours of deep focused outcomes-driven coaching:

to identify specific personal or professional intentions where you are seeking transformations
through self-inquiry and meditation you discover blocks or growth opportunities
you engage in self-inquiry for clarity and flow in specific areas of your life

Peak Coaching

In this personalized 1:1 coaching over the course of 8 weeks we cover specific goals for personal transformations.

Collective Consciousness Circle

This group meditation circle will safely support your journey for regular meditation.

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